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We are Alyson and Cat, legal practitioners and educators exploring the interaction among the People, Process, and Practice of law through a platform called Design Your Delta (DYD)

Our goal: to help legal professionals grow and thrive in this Liminal Age of Legal through intention, innovation, and well-being, using a human-centered approach to professional development.

We created this newsletter in response to the growing number of requests we receive on DYD, as a simple way to share insight, ideas, and inspiration for anyone who seeks to thrive as a legal professional.

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Why DYD, why now?

Since 2018, we’ve been building the DYD framework and prototyping tools to help people across the spectrum of the legal profession create and use human-centered professional formation paths in law firms, legal departments, law schools, and for individual lawyers.

With this Substack, we seek to expand the practical application of the DYD framework and empower as many organizations and individuals as possible to create meaningful pathways for intentional growth and thriving in the 21st century.

Stay tuned for posts that dig into WHY new methods and mindsets are so needed in the legal profession, and HOW we hope to help legal professionals everywhere grow and thrive!

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Alyson Carrel
Cat Moon
1 March 2021

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Design Your Delta explores the interaction between the People, Process, and Practice of Law, empowering legal professionals to grow and thrive through intention, innovation, and well-being.


Tech-curious mediator & professor @NorthwesternLaw trying to encourage others to take another look and recognize there are many paths forward.
I study, practice, and teach innovation and leadership and how to #makelawbetter.