Testimonials: Arlissa

Design Your Delta No. 13T

How might the Delta Model help law students, recent graduates, and legal professionals thrive? Because we are increasingly convinced it can. Taking a human-centered design approach, we use the Delta Model as a tool to develop meaningful insights and individualized action plans. We call it Design Your Delta.

During the summer of 2021, we introduced the Design Your Delta method to law students, recent graduates, lawyers, and other legal professionals and asked for their feedback.

Enter Arlissa. Arlissa just graduated from law school. She is a highly experienced big law paralegal with the knowledge, network, and resilience to succeed. Yet, like most law students, Arlissa found herself stressed out. Arlissa had previously studied the Delta Model as part of her Law Practice Technology class at Georgia State College of Law.

When we introduced the Design Your Delta approach to Arlissa, she said:

I think it would have taken a lot of stress away from that overthinking and hazing that happens in law school and allow me to study and focus on the classes in a more direct, strategic way.

Hear what else Arlissa has to say by watching this video: