Testimonial: Jasmine Atwell

Design Your Delta No. 16T

“This felt really affirming.”

Jasmine Atwell is a current law student and practicing psychotherapist. With her unique background, Jasmine quickly saw the immediate and long term benefits of the Design Your Delta approach, especially as it applies to legal education.

“I would say that if you want to be responsive to students... you want to see an uptick in student self-reports of satisfaction with their education, if you want to make sure that your curriculum is really responding to present needs that are contemporary needs of people who want to  practice, across all of the different legal opportunities that are available, adopting the Delta model makes sense. It's how you hear from people, what they actually need and how they view themselves, help them craft changes that are actually going to meet their stated needs. And you can really align them and be speaking a similar language about what does the institution need you to do and what you need you to do, and how do we make sure that those things align with each other.”

She says, “having an institution that's really molded around helping people design and then carry out their delta feels like a much better approach to law school because we're not all coming in with the same learning objectives. And one size is not going to fit all of us when we come in.

“I would have loved to have this in place to validate that.”

Hear what else Jasmine has to say by watching the video below.

Testimonial: Jasmine Atwell

-Alyson and Cat

October 19, 2021